JL Homan


JL HOMAN was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin and now resides in western Massachusetts. He was the first member of either parent's families to achieve a college degree; he enjoy living twenty-seven years in Manhattan, during which he kicked his legs and sang his songs in three Broadway musicals as well as traveled North America in several musical tours; winning scholarships with two international dance companies; to survive the AIDS pandemic while sharing sixteen monogamous, mutually beneficial, loving and HIV-Negative years with a dear man who died of a Glioblastoma Multiformé (before either men turned fifty years of age); and is attempting to rewrite the narrative of his life, while dealing daily with the existential angst and irony that comes with growing older and learning to let go.

Sixty-pounds ago, JL was a “gypsy” on Broadway – the term used to describe chorus members who move from show to show. He kicked his legs and sang his songs in three Broadway shows, starring Carol Channing, Donny Osmond, as well as David Cassidy, and as as "Rocker" in two Radio City Spectaculars. (A Rocker was one of twelve men who were hired to sing to and dance with the world famous Rockettes in two Spectaculars, one starring Ginger Rogers and the other Carol Lawrence.) He obtained his Actors’ Equity Association (AEA) membership at the 1975 St. Louis Municipal Opera Summer Musical season. His last two Broadway shows were choreographed by Dan Siretta and transferred from Goodspeed Opera House, located in East Haddam, Connecticut.

  • A collection of reflections – short stories and personal essays, plus five chapters that were pulled from the original manuscript of OHITS – entitled Reverie Alone Will Do was published by B&NPress in June 2020 and augments the narrative of his memoir.
  • JL is currently working on a speculative fiction piece having to do with space travelers who land on the unknown planet of Genitalia in the Sexualus Minor Solar System.

His short story, “A Blizzard of Solitude” was published in IMAGEOUTWrite Vol. Seven, ISBN:9780359025725, October 2018.

Another story, entitled “The Chance of a Lifetime” was published online in https://www.hotvalleywriters.com WINTER2020 edition.