Reverie Alone Will Do

A collection of reflections


This combination of journalistic history, autobiographical archive and vivid portraiture augments the narrative of Homan's previous memoir, (’Out Here in the Stars … a memoir,” ISBN: 9781078766401), and contributes to the collective consciousness of LGBTQIA literature. Confirming for future generations what one "Baby Boomer" experienced (and survived), while both encouraging and comforting other's struggles and personal journeys. Five chapters from the first book plus additional short stories and personal essays, offer insights with which you may or may not agree but which you will find difficult to dismiss.

All generations will relate to these heartfelt reminiscences from JL Homan who …;

§  Having survived a un-nurturing and abusive family from childhood; as well as

§  The narrow ambitions and limited expectations of working class, mid-western parents for whom education was not a priority but weekly church attendance was a hypocritical mandate;

§  The generational neurosis of “The Red Threat” in the 1950s;

§  Followed by the eventually violent protesting of the Vietnam War in the '60s;

§  The successive movements of Civil Rights, Woman’s Liberation, Gay Liberation throughout the '70s;

§  And the Aids Pandemic of the '80s, which turned out to be only the first of many;

§  All while our country swung politically to the “right” party of moral, family and Christian values – along with gender specifics, resulting in the election of an entitled and fabulously wealthy, pathologically lying, narcissistic, notoriously misogynistic, conspiratorially corrupt, bleached blond comb-over with a perpetual tan (including two white eye circles), septuagenarian, egomaniacal megalomaniac to be the most powerful politician on this planet;

… awaits the final Boom.  

"I had the pleasure of reading both books ... The caregiver challenges you faced and mastered (in OHITS) especially struck a chord. Nicely done. Both were beautifully written."

Gerard. A. Lozeau, COL, USA, Retired