November 2022 Update

November 2022 Update

November 7, 2022

Dear “Frieders,” (Friends and Readers)

I am writing to let you know that I have begun a third effort, which is being made available for reading in a unique way on Kindle. At this point in time, I am not sure the material is a novel, a short story, a fairy tale, or the 21st Century’s equivalent of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” – which would then, of course, require both a composer and lyricist.

Kindle Vella is a service, not a product. Kindle Vella is a platform that authors use to share their stories with readers in an episodic style. It is a new way to read serialized stories into short episodes that can go with breaks in your day, allowing readers to consume content one episode at a time.

The first three episodes of each story are free to the reader and presents a communicative format between the author and the reader. If you like what you read and choose to continue reading, then you can purchase tokens to follow each new entry into the narrative. New entries could come daily, weekly, monthly – depending on the author. (I’ve scheduled new chapters for the next eight weeks.)

Roughly, one minimally-priced (~<$0.01) token is worth 100 words; so a 600-word chapter will require about six tokens; however, the price of a token varies by how many you buy.

The more tokens you purchase in one transaction, the cheaper each individual one is, with several bundles you can choose from. The prices are all in US dollars, since that's the only currency accepted currently. This is considerably cheaper than ordering a Kindle download.


Out Queer in the Stars … a Bawdy Intergalactic Fairy Tale” is a subjective fiction satire, which I began during the pandemic and hope you will enjoy a few giggles. It is currently only eight chapters in length and less than 15,000 words.

* * *

OQITS’ Synopsis:

Eight international human astronauts, plus one robot (Mic Kanic), existing on various spectrums of physical, mental, psychological, medical, gender, as well as puritanical morality norms, are on a mission to find alternative locations for possible human habitation. They land on Genitalia, a small planet in the little-known Sub-Solar System, which has environmental conditions similar to those on Earth.

While size is universally respected, similarities and differences exist.

Populated by an unusual species of exceptional beauties who are ruled by the Ian Dynasty and worship their only deity, Lord Richard (that’s long for Dick), the Genitalians find their visitors curiously similar in appearance, but unbelievably provincial in attitudes that require immediately adjustment. As personal barriers are examined, analyzed and resolved, intrapsychic walls crumble and surprising choices are made by the humans as they begin to respect the differences and embrace the similarities of Genitalian life.

Leaving Mic Kanic, along with his Genitalian love ‘bot, Saffo Fell-8TO, to return their spacecraft. The two become Intergalactic Emperor and Empress of a new species, referred to as Affected Artificial Aliens (A3s), that have taken over life on the tiny blue planet formerly known as Earth.

* * *

Kindle Vella stories can be found by going to the Discover page in the Kindle app on iOS devices, or by going to the Store tab on the Kindle app, the Android and/or Fire devices, and tapping the Kindle Vella link. Another way to connect is by visiting the Kindle Vella store at

One year following the completion of this Vella showing, Kindle will professionally publish the resulting book, making it available in hardcover, paperback, etc.

Should you find this of interest, please let me know what you think.

Thank you always for your kind support.

PS: My editor at AM Ink Publishing, emailed two weeks ago that Out Here in the Stars … a Memoir is in the “editing process.” How long that will take, I know not. Nor can he estimate a release date. Having signed on March 3, 2022, I was hoping the new edition would be available for this holiday season but there is no way of assuring that is a possibility.

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