Two New Editions Now Available on Amazon Books

Two New Editions Now Available on Amazon Books

April 24, 2023

Happy Spring Reading 2023!

Both books have been reedited with additional text and can be obtained in HARDCOVER, PAPERBACK, and eBOOK versions. And OHITS has a new cover!

Thank you again for your significant support and encouragement. While it has only been three years since these books were originally published, each software has evolved offering new challenges.

No one does anything like this alone and YOU need to know how greatly appreciated YOU are!

'Out Here in the Stars
'Out Here in the Stars

'Out Here in the Stars

SYNOPSIS: One of two gay male actors, surviving an epidemic that is ravaging their community, living as an HIV-negative, monogamous couple on NYC’s Upper West Side, and planning their future, has a seizure in the back seat of a cab, is hit with a fatal diagnosis and dies one month before their fifteenth anniversary.

The arcs of these two people unite: One lost in the post-war struggles of the Midwest, the other on the more Ivy League East Coast; both needing to follow their art, forming a circle that gets smaller and tighter, as they struggle unsuccessfully toward inevitable loss.

But in that loss, surprising positive things are found.

Delve into this personal black hole of medical minutia culminating in the death of one gay man in NYC – unrelated to the raging AIDS pandemic – while his partner survives to recognize that some wonderful things can and do exist within that darkness.

Witty, wise, and wonderfully raw, you will find this book’s integrity difficult to match. The irony and absurdities of achieving dreams, growing older and learning to let go covers a roller-coaster of emotions.

Reverie Alone Will Do cover
Reverie Alone Will Do

Reverie Alone Will Do

J L Homan’s second book serves to augment the narrative of the author’s protagonist in ’Out Here in the Stars A Memoir of Love, Loss & Learning to Let Go. Five chapters pulled from that first book, plus additional short stories and personal essays, offer insights into this gay man’s life, with which you may or may not agree but which you will find difficult to dismiss.

RAWD contains many examples of effective crossovers between these three stylistic modes: Journalistic/ Sociological; Autobiography/Historic; Portrait/Scenic. The mix is seamless – the narration is lucid, vivid, and completely effective. The moments where the three elements blend are among the best of the book, which is both fascinating and rewarding.

Using Erikson’s stages of development as a structure gives the collection a sense of unity and becomes the book’s theme at its heart. Erikson not only develop the eight stages, but also eight Existential Questions, one for each step.

With the word "Reverie" in its title, the collection allows connections and associations to migrate, dreamlike, between narrative layers among the stories and essays of the collection, in an attempt to possibly answer those questions.

Don't forget!

Out Queer in the Stars

a bawdy, intergalactic, gay fairy tale/romance/satire, to be found episodically under the VELLA option on website.

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